Wine for Thanskgiving

How to choose a wine for Thanksgiving Dinner?

If you doubt what wine to serve or bring to a Thanksgiving dinner, this information is for you. You will know what is the perfect wine to pair with this traditional and important meal.

Thanksgiving is a celebration full of meaning for Americans. People from across the country gather to share a meal and remember all the things they are grateful for. 

The flavors of Thanksgiving are very peculiar and characteristic. The meal is a delicious mix of multiple flavors where you’ll find at the same table salty, sweet, bitter, sour, and umami dishes.

The main dish is a tradition that every family embrace: roasted turkey, mash potatoes, or sweet mash potatoes and gravy (the recipes may vary between families or customs). Also, it is commonly found on the table green beans, corn pudding or squash pudding, brussels sprouts, and glazed ham. These complexities of flavors make exceptionally challenging the selection of wine.

Wine for Thanksgiving

Sparkling wines:

Terre Di Bacco’s Prosseco Rosé DOC Extra Dry, with its crispy acidity, subtle sweet touch, and bubbles, are perfect for preparing the palate for the next bite. Also, it is excellent for starting the celebration –with a toast– and making the taste buds ready for the complexity of flavors that will come into the mouth at dinner. Even for those desserts! 

Terre di Bacco’s Prosseco DOC Treviso is a wine very versatile when is paired with different dishes. Its acidity goes well with complex and rich flavor recipes, lighter flavors, and simple and fruity desserts.

Prosecco also has the capability of cleaning the palate bite after bite. Its sharpness and elegance allow it to blend very well during the entire dinner. No doubt that the golden apple, the pear, and the honey aromas of Terre di Bacco’s Prosecco match perfectly with all Thanksgiving flavors .

White wines

Sauvignon Blanc Trevenezie IGT is an aromatic grape with a medium body and high acidity, perfect to be the first wine to serve with the main course (if the turkey is the hero of the night with spice-and-sweet accompaniments). Terre di Bacco’s Sauvignon Blanc Trevenezie IGT has touches of fresh herbs, lemon zest, and tropical fruits, which make it perfect for this occasion.

Red wines

If your palate is craving more for the salty, meaty dishes on the table, do not hesitate to pair it with a Terre di Bacco’s Chianti DOCG or Cabernet Sauvignon Trevenezie IGT. Furthermore, getting into the cold weather, red wines with medium body and structure give you the perfect tasting experience with the main course of Thanksgiving. 

Do not get crazy with sweet sauces or ham glaze coating if you choose these red wines for your dinner. You want to experience better the well-balanced fruity notes without overlapping the flavors of the dishes.

I hope our selection makes a beautiful and flavored well-paired Thanksgiving dinner for your family and friends. We are grateful for sharing with you the Italian spirit that brings together family and friends. Happy Thanksgiving!